Permanent Placement Nursing

Permanent placement medical staffing solutions make hiring healthcare staff easy for hospitals, healthcare providers, and other facilities. The concept is simple: your organization focuses on delivering the highest-level care you can whilst a reputable staffing agency ensures that you have the best possible team at your disposal.

What is Permanent Placement Nurse Staffing?

Registered nurses are in high demand across the United States. Even before the coronavirus pandemic hit in 2020, the healthcare industry was facing a staffing crisis. Nurses were retiring faster than colleges and universities could qualify their replacements. 

At the same time, demand for nursing skills and expertise has grown due to an aging population and a consistent increase in patients suffering from chronic disease. During the pandemic, nurses were on the frontline, working extremely long hours under difficult conditions. As a result, many suffered from burnout and decided to leave the industry. 

Replacing nursing staff is not always easy. Many nurses are highly qualified and equally highly specialized. For that reason, finding suitable replacements can be frustrating and time-consuming for hospital HR teams. That is when permanent placement nursing offers solutions to hospitals and other facilities. 

Permanent placement agencies match registered nursing vacancies with qualified, hard-to-find candidates to fill full-time, long-term positions. 

Types and Specialties of Permanent Placement Nurses

Reputable medical staffing agencies work with both their permanent placement candidates and their employer clients to truly understand the needs of both sides. Many agencies build a pipeline of potential candidates. Having done this groundwork, they can react quickly to employer enquiries and fill even specialist vacancies. 

Whilst registered nurses are able to work in a wide range of healthcare roles, some specialties require additional training. Those roles can often be harder to fill, and that is when permanent placement staffing solutions can be invaluable. 

Specialist nursing roles that are in high demand include:

  • Emergency room nursing
  • Intensive care unit nursing
  • Operating room nursing

But there are openings in virtually every area of the sector. 

Benefits of Permanent Placements

Employers benefit from ready access to highly qualified staff without needing to spend time on a lengthy recruitment process.

Registered nurses looking for permanent placement positions gain access to all the benefits and career prospects of a full-time position. As a nurse joining a new full-time employer, you might also be eligible for a sign-on bonus or be offered relocation assistance. 

Working with a permanent placement agency can be an efficient way to develop your career, too. Looking for the next move or a promotion that helps you advance is time-consuming and quickly becomes frustrating. By signing on with an agency, registered nurses can list their requirements of a target position, and the agency takes care of the searching. 

To learn more about permanent placement positions, contact our team today and unlock your career potential.

As registered nurses are in such high demand, it is highly likely that you will have several permanent placement options to choose from within a short space of time.