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Behavioral Health Services

In-Home, On-Site or Virtual with Telehealth

Good behavioral health is integral to overall health and well-being. Behavioral health services complement physical and mental health care. Behavior health services help individuals develop positive habits that support long-term well-being.

Behavioral health and recovery services are critical to helping re-establish those habits. Combined with primary physical care and mental health care, behavioral health services are instrumental for overall good health. Without behavior health services, temporary mental challenges can become permanent problems.

What is Behavioral Health

Behavioral health addresses the impact of a person’s daily cognitive habits on their overall well-being. While the term is often used synonymously with mental health, there are essential differences between both.

A person’s daily habits affect their emotions, biology, and overall well-being. Behavioral health services help people develop or maintain positive practices that support physical and mental balance. If this balance has been disturbed, behavioral health and recovery services are ideal for helping restore it.

Good behavioral health does not necessarily mean being free from disease. Instead, someone with positive habits uses those habits to manage existing illnesses and injuries. Those people will have routines that help them remember their medication. They behave in a way that prevents their disease from progressing.

If beneficial habits have become disrupted, behavioral health services help restore them. Some of the most common signs of behavioral problems include disordered eating, substance abuse, and social isolation. However, these behavioral symptoms can vary hugely between people of different ages and backgrounds.

On the other hand, mental health is more concerned with the way someone’s thoughts affect their daily life. The approach is broader than that of behavioral health services, and it focuses on an individual’s state of being.

How does TrueCare's Behavioral Health Service Work?

TrueCare™'s behavioral health services work by supporting in-house teams at assisted living facilities and other care residences. The TrueCare™ team becomes an extension of the facility's existing team to help deliver specialist care to residents.

The goal is to help clients deal with emotional and behavioral issues that may prevent them from living life to the fullest.

Medicare fully approves behavioral health services from TrueCare™.

That means there is no additional cost to your facility or your residents. Everything is covered, from the initial assessment to a patient's tailored behavioral health services program. By working with TrueCare™, your residence can offer state-of-the-art in-house behavioral health services with maximum flexibility for your team and your residents. Our team starts by assessing residents you have identified as at risk.

Following the assessment, our highly qualified and fully licensed specialists will customize a behavioral health services program to address each person's specific needs. It may mean creating opportunities to socialize with other residents in some cases. Others might need encouragement to eat regularly. Most new residents in assisted living facilities benefit from behavioral health services to manage the transition into assisted living.

TrueCare™'s behavioral health services range from behavioral health counseling to supporting residents suffering from more serious mental health disorders. Our team can address anxiety disorders, aggression, and emotional outbursts. We can also help individuals deal with the loss of physical function or stress and suspicion.

Why should you consider Behavioral Healthcare Facilities?

Behavioral health services contribute to a person’s long-term quality of life. These services can ease the effects of existing mental health conditions like depression or anxiety. In addition, behavior health services can push back the onset of these conditions and contribute to a person’s overall well-being.

Facilities offering behavioral health services take a holistic approach to their residents’ health, integrating physical and mental aspects. By providing access to these specialized services, they raise their quality of care and ensure the best possible support for residents.

FAQs on Behavioral Health Care Services

Is behavioral health the same as mental health?

No. The terms are often used synonymously, but the approaches are different. Behavioral health services and care specifically address daily cognitive habits that contribute to long-term wellbeing. Mental health care focuses on a person’s state of mind.

Who can benefit from behavioral health services?

Any person dealing with disruption in their life, struggling to cope with illness or injury, or going through mental and physical health challenges can benefit. Behavioral health care focuses on creating and maintaining positive habits that support long-term wellbeing.

Why are behavioral health services essential for seniors?

Declining mental health does not need to be a consequence of aging. However, several aspects of getting older can predispose seniors to behavioral health problems. Adjusting to assisted living marks a big transition, for example. Aging also often goes hand-in-hand with the development of injuries or illnesses. Behavioral health services help manage those.

What is behavioral health counseling?

For someone struggling with behavioral health issues, it is not always easy to determine when they need help and who to turn to for support. Behavioral health counseling can create a pathway toward the right type and level of care. Most comprehensive behavioral health services include counseling.

How can behavioral health services be delivered?

Joining forces with a proven partner like TrueCare™ is an excellent way of integrating behavioral health services into a portfolio of primary care services. Offering these personalized services helps any care facility distinguish itself from competitors. Behavioral health and recovery services ensure a high quality of care.

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