Diabetes Screening Test - Improve Your Team's Health, Reduce Healthcare Costs

Screen your people for diabetes and their risk for developing pre-diabetes. Get individualized recommendations to improve their health, and learn about healthcare cost savings.

  • Free, no-cost assessment
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Save thousands of dollars per member
  • Create a health focused workplace culture

How many of your people are at risk?

1 out of 3 people have pre-diabetes and don’t know it.

One fourth of all healthcare costs are associated with diabetes, and more than $20 billion is spent annually due to unplanned absences due to Type 2 diabetes.

Quickly estimate your team's risk potential

  • Quick and Easy

    Our complementary analysis takes less than a minute.
  • Save Lives

    Prevent chronic conditions before it’s too late.
  • Save Costs

    Follow the recommendations to reduce healthcare costs.

Reduce associated costs
of pre-diabetes and diabetes

We care about your people almost as much as you do. That’s why we’re offering this analysis, along with our recommendations, to help you create lasting positive outcomes in your organization.

  • Served over 300 organisations

  • Fully Credentialed

  • Helped over 100K people improve their health

Learn how our analysis can have
a positive impact on your organization

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    Complete the risk assessment

    Invest a minute to answer a few general questions
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    Receive your report

    We’ll send you a risk report, including recommendations
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