Quickly verify and document your
employees’ vaccination status

Verify the vaccination status of the people in your
organization and record any specific exemptions.

  • Launch
    Immediately, No Lengthy Onboarding
  • Reduce Risks and
    Compliance issues
  • Save Time and
    Costs in Recording
    Vaccination Status

Reports and Alerts

With our platform, you can quickly invite employees to confirm their vaccination status, receive vaccination verification, view exemptions, and export the data for use in your internal systems.

Filtering Tools

Filtering tools let businesses quickly and accurately view their employees either as a group or by department, location, vaccination verification status, and more.

Protect your
team with the
TrueCare app

Each employee can enter their vaccination status using a self-guided form, with the option of attaching a photo of their CDC Vaccination Record Card.

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How it works

  • step_1

    The employer enters the employee’s data to the TrueCare app

  • step_2

    Each employee receives an invitation to verify their personal information and vaccination status (via website or app).

  • step_3

    Employee’s vaccination verification status is updated as soon as it is confirmed.

  • step_4

    Employers can see analysis reports to get prompt alerts of any employee’s status that needs attention, saving time while protecting the health of staff and visitors.

Results displayed on the TrueCare Wellness Dashboard in real time