Locum Tenens Healthcare Staffing Agency

In the healthcare industry, staffing shortages have a direct impact on the level of patient care a facility can deliver. Locum tenens medical staffing helps fill temporary gaps in permanent staffing levels. It is an excellent solution for hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities.

Why Hire Locums?

Hiring nurses, physicians, and other medical professionals on a locum tenens basis is an excellent way of covering planned and unplanned absences of permanent medical staff. Locum tenens medical professionals are as highly qualified as permanently employed nurses and physicians.

Medical professionals choose to work locum tenens for a wide range of reasons. Many medical professionals enjoy having the freedom and control they have to choose where and when to work. Some opt for locum tenens placements as a way of working part-time after retirement. Locum tenens contracts also help nurses, physicians, and others bridge gaps between permanent employment contracts.

By choosing to work with TrueCare24 to find locum tenens medical staff, you can be confident that highly qualified medical professionals are available to fill planned and unplanned vacancies at your facility. Our team can supply registered nurses, nursing aides, physical therapists, dieticians, and other medical professionals.

When absences can be planned, we work with your team to understand your needs and supply the professionals you need to deliver top-notch patient care. With our team by your side, absences lose their potential for disruption of patient services.

Our team and our extensive network of locum tenens professionals will help you manage planned and unplanned absences seamlessly without losing focus on delivering the best possible care.

Locum Tenens Staffing Services

Locum tenens staffing services allow you to cover for staffing shortages on an ad-hoc basis. Your healthcare facility gains access to highly qualified medical professionals without the headaches and time-consuming processes of recruitment.

TrueCare24 takes care of licensing and credentialing, allowing you to focus on what you do best – providing the highest quality of patient care without disruption. Locum tenens staffing services cover short-term absences of a few days, but you can also hire medical professionals for several weeks or months.