Permanent Nurse Staffing

Permanent nurse staffing is an excellent solution for healthcare providers looking for an efficient way to expand their workforce. The process is fast and efficient, allowing healthcare providers to focus on patient care whilst a professional nurse staffing agency deals with the recruitment process.

Why Hire Permanent Nurses?

Registered nurses have always been in high demand. However, the current labor shortage in the American healthcare industry has made it even harder for healthcare providers to hire a full contingent of nursing staff. As a result, full-time nurses have had to work overtime and accept additional shifts, putting them in danger of burnout.

Burnout of nurses and other professional medical staff is increasing the risk of staffing shortages at hospitals and other facilities even further. Hiring permanent nurses with the help of a medical staffing agency can streamline the recruitment process, minimizing or avoiding staffing shortages entirely.

Registered nurses are highly sought-after, and they are essential for the delivery of excellent patient care. Without sufficient nursing staff, hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities are unable to consistently provide the level of care their patients deserve. Adding to your team of permanent nurses with permanent nurse staffing services simply makes good business sense.

Permanent Nurse Staffing Services

Permanent nurse staffing services help hospitals and other healthcare providers save time and costs during the recruitment process. Especially during a period of a nationwide shortage of nurses, recruiting new medical professionals can be tricky and time-consuming. Finding the right candidates, conducting interviews, checking qualifications, and dealing with licensing and credentialing can take weeks.

During this time, existing staff may need to work overtime to avoid gaps in patient care. Hiring a permanent nurse staffing agency streamlines the process for candidates and employers. Staffing agencies fill short-term, long-term, and permanent vacancies. To do that, leading agencies like TrueCare24 build a nationwide network of qualified medical professionals.

This network of registered nurses and others is the foundation of our service to your facility. Every candidate has been fully vetted at the time of registration. When you need to hire permanent nursing staff, we can rely on our network to fill your vacancies. There is no need to scale back on patient care or limit new admissions because of delays in recruitment.

Permanent nurse staffing allows your facility to scale quickly and efficiently whilst maintaining the highest levels of patient care. Contact us to learn more about permanent staffing for your team.