Long-Term Care Staffing

Long-term care staffing in the United States is facing a crisis. The healthcare industry’s labor shortage is affecting nursing homes and assisted living facilities across the country with more than nine out of ten facilities reporting that they are short on staff. Long-term care staffing with a reliable partner helps facilities address shortages without compromising care.

Why Hire Long Term?

The nationwide labor shortage is affecting the healthcare sector significantly. Across the United States, nearly every nursing home and assisted living facility is asking nursing staff to work overtime or take on additional shifts. Whilst this practice may solve staffing shortages briefly, it is putting staff at risk of burnout.

Moreover, continued staffing shortages have forced nursing homes and other residences to limit the intake of new residents. This is causing backlogs in hospitals that are already overstretched. According to a survey by the American Health Care Association (AHCA), more than two-thirds of facilities in the U.S. are concerned that a lack of staff may force them to close.

Long-term nursing home and assisted living facilities staffing can ease the pressure on individual facilities and the sector as a whole.

As a long-term care staffing agency, TrueCare24 can help your facility deal with shortages efficiently and without disrupting residents and service delivery. Long-term staffing gives your facility access to highly qualified and fully vetted carers on demand. As a result, existing permanent staff can avoid burnout, and your facility continues to grow by admitting new residents. It is a flexible solution for professional carers and care facilities.

Long-Term Staffing Services

Long-term staffing services provide qualified candidates, including registered nurses, nursing aides, and other carers exactly when your facility needs them and without delay. Recruiting permanent staff can be time-consuming, especially when there is a shortage of nursing staff.

Staffing agencies like TrueCare24 build extensive networks of candidates with extensive qualifications and experience. Any carers supplied to your facility have been thoroughly checked and vetted, ensuring that they can hit the ground running from day one.

Even in cases of unplanned shortages, for example, due to staff illness, professional carers can support your existing team quickly and as long as necessary. Long-term staffing is a highly flexible option for nursing homes and assisted living residencies. Whilst TrueCare24 prides itself in long-standing client relationships, there are no contractual obligations – simply access to the right professional when you need them.