On-Call Medical Staffing

On-call medical staffing connects leading medical professionals with the healthcare facilities that need them the most. Whether you need to cover staff turnover, temporary staffing challenges, or a more fundamental lack of resources, on-call medical staffing offers customized solutions.

Why Hire On-Call?

Healthcare facilities, including hospitals, experience staffing shortages for several reasons. Turnover may be caused by existing staff retiring, but as the industry-wide labor shortage spreads, burnout is becoming increasingly more common. As full-time physicians and nurses struggle to cope with overtime and additional shifts, hospitals are in danger of losing key staff. Hiring on-call support can ease the pressure on existing medical teams.

On-call staffing allows your HR team to focus on your existing workforce. Rather than spending time recruiting temporary support, they can ensure that permanent staff is not in danger of burnout. Recruiting new staff can take weeks or even months. Few healthcare facilities can afford to run with reduced teams for such long stretches of time without compromising patient care.

On-call staffing helps leading healthcare providers close the gap between staffing shortages and patient needs.

On-Call Healthcare Staffing Services

On-call healthcare staffing services benefit both medical professionals looking for a more flexible type of employment and healthcare providers, including hospitals.

Medical professionals enjoy greater control over their working location and the length of their contracts. Employers gain convenient access to a wide selection of highly qualified medical professionals to fill planned and unplanned vacancies.

The process is fast and convenient because on-call healthcare staffing agencies devote time and resources to building a pipeline of highly qualified medical professionals. The process includes interviews, checking of qualifications, licensing, and credentials as well as understanding the type of work candidates are looking for.

TrueCare24 applies the same level of care and attention to detail to understanding our clients’ needs. This unique, thorough approach allows us to match experienced medical professionals with leading healthcare facilities across the country.

Our team offers tailored solutions that give your full-time team the support they need. On-call medical staffing allows you to grow your team without disrupting patient care or delaying important treatments. On-call staffing solutions can easily be scaled to match your facility’s needs, allowing hospitals and others to simultaneously maximize economic efficiency and improve the level of patient care.