Short Term Medical Staffing

Short term medical staffing helps hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities maintain high levels of care at all times.

Why Hire Short Term?

America is experiencing an unprecedented labor shortage in the healthcare sector. As hospitals and other facilities struggle to recruit nurses on permanent contracts, short term nurse staffing is essential to maintain safe levels of care.

Short term nurse staffing is one of the most flexible solutions to your staffing needs. Short term nurses can fill planned absences, support your facility during industrial action, or cover any unexpected increases in patient numbers.

As a facility, you benefit from fast access to highly qualified staff. Natural catastrophes or sudden outbreaks of illness can put excessive demands on a hospital’s infrastructure, including nursing staff. Re-arranging shift patterns is not always a great solution, especially as the current labor shortage is making it harder to find qualified personnel. Plus, by asking existing staff to take on more work, it becomes more difficult to deliver the same high level of care.

Short term nursing staff can fill those vacancies without compromising care and service delivery. Healthcare providers and hospital administrators do not need to worry about delays because of lengthy recruitment processes. Instead, you can rely on short term nurse staffing agencies to check nurses’ qualifications and credentials and deliver the staff you need.

Short Term Medical Staffing Services

Short term medical staffing services include travel nurses, per diem nurses, strike nurses, on-call nurses, and many more nursing specialists.

Proven short term staffing agencies like TrueCare24 continuously develop a nationwide database of nurses and other medical professionals. However, our team goes one step further by offering additional qualifications to our nurses, including mental and behavioral healthcare training and accreditation as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).

Our goal is to help our clients focus on what they do best – provide the highest levels of care and medical services possible. Delivering this type of care hinges on working with highly qualified nurses and being fully staffed on all shifts, including nights, weekends, and holidays.

The nursing and healthcare industry is dynamic and every-changing. We understand that our clients’ needs can change at a moment’s notice. That is why our team is ready to fulfil your short term nurse staffing requirements whenever and wherever you need us. Put an end to concerns about staffing shortages today!