About Us

About Us

Our story began with a simple idea: our loved ones should be able to get high-quality care regardless of their income and status.

What this means is easy, convenient, around-the-clock access to capable, vetted nurses and caregivers. Additionally, it means reliable, professional support in provider selection, recruitment, and placement. We wanted to make this solution accessible and easy to use for everyone, in order to make life a little easier in tough situations.

This idea became a reality in 2016. This is how we became TrueCare24.

We started as a startup, backed by one of the largest and most respected venture capital funds, 500 Startups.

Based on the results of our hard work and dedication, we are proud to have received an A+ rating from one of the most prestigious non-profit organizations - Better Business Bureau (

While our roots are in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are a nationwide company, providing care in all 50 states.

Our case managers throughout the United States assist businesses or individual families in local communities with finding affordable, qualified, and reliable nurses and caregivers

Each business client or family is assigned a knowledgeable, empathetic case manager who can discuss appropriate care options best suited for each client's needs, schedule, and budget.

Our advanced artificial intelligence (AI) platform, developed by a team of experienced programmers, helps customers to find the best solution for their specific needs quickly and efficiently.

Born from our founders’ vision just a few years ago, TrueCare24 has become a trusted partner who helps thousands of people and companies in the United States obtain high quality care services on demand. We could not have done this without the help of our growing, talented, multinational team.

Our mission

Our mission

We provide care to those who need it AND We help those who provide care, provide it.

We are guided by three core values in everything we do:

  • Accessibility

    Accessibility. We make care services more affordable. We also make them available from anywhere in the world and throughout the country. We make these services available to anyone regardless of age or physical condition.

  • Reliability

    Reliability. Our clients can rest easy, knowing they are matched with a reliable, experienced, vetted provider. TrueCare24 takes care of all legal aspects of the transaction (taxes, labor laws, documentation, and much more).

  • Accessibility

    Respect. We understand our customers’ needs and we treat them with respect. We have a deep appreciation for the work our providers do, so we help them enhance their skills and advance their careers.

Our Team

Our Team

Bimohit Bawa

Bimohit Bawa

Bimohit Bawa Linkedin
Chief Executive Officer & Cofounder

We empower every family to gain access to quality home care services.

Leo Popov

Leo Popov

Leo Popov Linkedin
CFO, Product, Growth & Cofounder

I believe that health and family are two core values in our lives.

Our clients' expressions

Google reviews

OI had been looking for a caregiver/ companion for my 91 year old mother. I could not be more pleased with the caring and compassionate caregiver I was able to hire through TrueCare24. I was walked through every aspect of the process from interviewing to hiring as well as paying for services. A very easy and stress free experience that is most appreciated during a stressful time.

Yvonne B

I was looking for a weekend caregiver,and could not find one locally. TrueCare24 found a very capable and pleasant candidate. This has allowed me to feel safe and capable on the weekends. Alyssa always shows up and does a wonderful job. Paying her through the agency has been easy and trouble free. Being independent has meant the world to me.

Tracey Hallsworth

Used TrueCare because I had an upcoming trip and needed assistance with my grandmother while I was away. I ended up being paired with Sabrina and she was GREAT! Turn around for a pairing was almost immediate and I was able to interview and meet with Sabrina the next day.

Anya Kim

Our experience with TrueCare24 has been very positive! I will recommend your company to anyone who needs in home assistance!

The helper we hired from TruCare24 was so helpful to my parents and beyond the simple caring for them... she did light housework and prepared their meals with style!

Ann Lynn Whiteside

Our family needed a caregiver in an area very hard to service in the fl keys.they worked hard and quickly to locate our caregiver for our mother.she arrived the next day and has been very efficient and helfpful at a time our family really needed immediately help. Very friendly and helpful.

Gail Shambaugh

They were very quick to respond and then take me through the process - very easy.

Have a relationship with many individuals and companies, so they can meet your needs quickly and ptofessionally. Very nice to deal with.

Julie Frank

The response and empathy I received when I reached out in my time of crisis was overwhelming. I was so impressed and felt like I was not alone handling medical needs for a family member. Thank you for the support! I will surely call TrueCare24 when my sister wil be able to return home.

Michele Ward