COVID-19 Screening Platform for Employees

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  • Daily employee health checks to safely assess risk
  • Customized based on your workflow and policies
  • Real-time results visible via the employer dashboard

*From 15 minutes to 48 hours for antigen test. 24-48 hours for PCR testing.

COVID-19 Flexible,
Turnkey Testing Solutions

TrueCare24 partners with employers to deliver onsite antigen, antibody and PCR testing.

We put medical professionals onsite to rapidly test your workforce as they arrive for work or throughout the workday. Our flexible, turnkey programs integrate with and strengthen your company’s COVID-19 response strategy.

Daily Reminders

You can schedule your daily reminder to go out to your employees at any time.

Filtering Tools

We've built filtering tools to enable businesses to quickly and accurately view their employees all at once or results can be narrowed down by location, department and more.

Protect your team with the TrueCare app

Easily perform self-guided health check. The questionnaire is compliant with CDC guidelines.

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All data are displayed on the TrueCare Dashboard in real time

End-To-End Virus Control Services

On-site Employee Check by Pros

Fully equipped nursing teams for personnel screening

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main benefits of TrueCare Daily symptoms check platform?

Employee health checks on a daily basis to safely assess risk
Configurable to your workflow and policies
Real-time result visibility via the employer dashboard