Reduce Absenteeism
and Keep Students Safe

Parents send a text to inform schools of when their child is be absent. Schools gain visibility on students who are at-risk so they can make outreach efforts proactively.

  • Create Social Connection
  • Improve Mental Health
  • Cut Admin Costs

How many of your
students are at risk?

  • There’s a high correlation between absenteeism and both suicidal ideation and self-harm in young people.
  • If you can’t see which students are at risk, how can you help them proactively, before they take unthinkable actions?

Ease of use for parents, complete visibility for schools

  • Quick and Easy

    Parents use text messages to tell schools about absences.
  • Save Lives

    School administrators receive real time alerts for at-risk students.
  • Save Costs

    Schools can eliminate thousands of dollars in administration costs per year.

Attendance & At-Risk Program can have a positive impact on your school district

Video Guide

Please watch our educational webinar to learn how the Attendance and At-Risk program can help your school reduce absenteeism.

Reduce Chronic Absenteeism

We’re parents who understand the pressures students face in school and at home. Chronic absenteeism is often an indicator that something’s wrong. Our program brings these indicators front and center to help administrators take action before it’s too late.

  • Served over 50+ school systems

  • Fully Credentialed

  • Helped 10,000’s of students and faculty

How to Start

  • 1

    Schedule a demo

    We’ll show you how this program can be deployed in your district
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    We integrate with your existing Student Information System
  • 3


    Includes a comprehensive communication strategy to notify parents

Truancy Analysis to Dramatically Reduce Absenteeism

Check your district's truancy impact and learn how to reduce absences with this no-cost analysis. We analyze the common trends that are impacting your students and how you can implement changes to reduce them.