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Believing in yourself is a cornerstone of a happy, healthy life. Low self-esteem affects nearly eight out of ten American adults and adolescents. Online self-esteem counseling can help.

What is Self-Esteem Counseling? 

Psychologists believe that more than 80% of adults and adolescents worldwide suffer from low self-esteem at some point in their lives. The figure is no different for Americans, which is alarming. 

Self-esteem is built on the opinion people have of themselves. Those with high self-esteem will hold themselves in high regard, while those with low self-esteem will think less of themselves. Self-esteem levels impact all aspects of a person’s life. Whether someone wants to build a rewarding career or create strong relationships with others, self-esteem levels will affect their success rate. 

Self-esteem is often used synonymously with self-confidence, but those two are not the same. Self-confidence is based on a person’s achievements, whereas self-esteem is based on opinion. The difference may not sound like much, but it is essential to understand that people can have high self-confidence but low self-esteem or vice versa.

Low self-esteem can prevent you from reaching your potential both in your career and personal life. Counseling for low self-esteem helps rectify this and overcome any associated challenges. This form of talk therapy or psychotherapy specifically aims to improve the way clients view and think of themselves. It attempts to retrain the brain and control a client’s tendency to doubt, worry, and question their capability. 

How does TrueCare™’s Self-Esteem Counseling Work?

Self-esteem counseling works by finding the roots of self-doubt in individual patients. In some cases, that means delving into the patient’s childhood to see where their negative beliefs stem from. 

Having low self-esteem may not seem like a severe problem at first, but it can have severe consequences for a person’s overall mental health. By holding on to negative beliefs about ourselves for a long time, those beliefs can start to feel like facts. The more anchored those negative beliefs become, the easier it is to judge our actions harshly. 

Over time, low self-esteem combined with excessively harsh judgment can predispose individuals to other mental health problems. That is why it is so important to tackle low self-esteem. The best low self-esteem counseling is based on a highly individual, personalized approach. Causes of low self-esteem can be as varied as the people suffering from it, and it is essential to identify those causes to raise a person’s self-esteem. 

At TrueCare™, our self-esteem counseling approach is based on each client’s needs.

The counselor will tailor your counseling sessions to your needs.

Our expert counselors are available for face-to-face consultations as well as telehealth consultations. 

Telehealth or online counseling for low self-esteem has grown in popularity over the past two years of the coronavirus pandemic. It is a convenient and discreet way to access support for low self-esteem. You can also combine the two approaches and further adapt your counseling sessions. 

Why Should you Consider TrueCare™ for Self-Esteem Counseling Services?

To reap all the benefits online self-esteem counseling offers, it is essential to build a rapport with your therapist. You have to feel safe enough to open up about issues that are often not only of a private nature. For most low self-esteem clients, the causes of their suffering are something they have buried in the back of their minds. 

TrueCare™ has a vast network of highly experienced counselors, allowing you to choose the right person for you. Our entire team not only has specialist knowledge of counseling for low self-esteem, but they also have more versatile experience. By choosing TrueCare24 for your counseling needs, you benefit from that wide range of expertise. 

In addition, we are a proven provider of mental and behavioral health care. Our team is well acquainted with delivering therapy and counseling to clients of all ages and for a wide range of conditions. One of our focus areas is preventing mental health challenges from developing into mental health conditions through behavioral health care services. 

Self-Esteem Counseling Techniques

Low self-esteem builds gradually in most cases. Its roots most often lie in childhood experiences, such as being censored or having been bullied and abused. Even a lack of attention from parents and carers may have led to low self-esteem. 

Like the condition itself took time to develop, raising low self-esteem takes time. Many people with low self-esteem carry deep convictions of their inadequacy and even worthlessness. Breaking those down can take several sessions. 

During online self-esteem counseling, therapists use different psychological approaches. They may start by reviewing your childhood to look for the causes of low self-esteem, but a significant part of counseling focuses on retraining the client’s brain. 

Rather than quickly jumping to harsh judgments, counseling helps clients take a kinder approach when they question their capabilities. Therapists may also coach clients to achieve the things they thought they could never do, thus proving negative thoughts wrong. 

For most ow self-esteem sufferers, it is not enough to do this once or twice. Their low self-esteem is founded on deeply-held beliefs that need time and repeated evidence to be broken down and replaced with more constructive and more positive thoughts. 

Some counselors may also take a different approach that guides clients toward noticing distressing thoughts and detaching from them. The goal is to stop unhealthy comparisons in terms of looks, personal achievements, or material success by focusing on personal identity. 

There is no medication to help cure low self-esteem. But counseling can make a huge difference in how clients view themselves and think of themselves. 

FAQs on Self Esteem Counseling

What is low self-esteem?

Self-esteem is based on the beliefs we hold about ourselves. People with low self-esteem tend to have a negative opinion of themselves, be it about their looks, abilities, or other aspects of their lives.

How do I know if I am suffering from low self-esteem?

Are you censuring yourself in your mind? When you compare yourself with your peers, do you inevitably feel like you are achieving less and are inadequate? These may be indications of low self-esteem.

How can self-esteem counseling help?

Online self-esteem counseling and in-person counseling aim to identify and tackle the root causes of low self-esteem. Based on that, counselors develop ways to retrain the brain’s response to triggers of low self-esteem. The goal is to raise self-esteem to a healthy level over time gradually.

What other treatments are there?

There is no medication treatment for low self-esteem. That is where this condition differs from other mental health problems. However, counseling is very effective in addressing low self-esteem and raising it.

Why should I choose TrueCare™ ?

TrueCare™’s approach to low self-esteem counseling is highly adaptive. Sessions will always be tailored to your needs. With our extensive network of specialists, we can look after you wherever you are. Plus, we also offer online self-esteem counseling services.

About TrueCare™

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