Depression Counseling –  Fight Depression Without Medication

Before the coronavirus pandemic, nearly one in five Americans experienced mental illness, with close to one in ten suffering depression. As the pandemic hit, depression grew three-fold, and high levels persisted. Counseling for depression can help.

What is Depression Counselling?

Depression – alongside anxiety, is one of the most prevalent mental health challenges for Americans today. The condition affects people of all ages, taking many different forms. As a result, there are various treatment options available. 

For several years, antidepressant medication has been one of the frontline treatments for depressive disorders. However, like all medications, antidepressant medication can have side effects. Some of those may even make the condition worse. Plus, a significant number of depression sufferers are resistant to depression medication. 

Counseling for depression is a form of talk therapy that can help those who prefer to fight depression without medication. Counseling depression sufferers is also an excellent option for people who do not respond to depression medication. 

There is one other significant difference between depression medication and counseling for depression. Medication treats the symptoms of the condition, while depression counseling tries to identify and address the root causes of the disorder. With causes identified, therapists then work with their patients to develop coping strategies. 

How does TrueCare’s Depression Counseling Work?

It is entirely normal to feel depressed from time to time. Everyone in America suffers from low moods on occasion. In most cases, those negative feelings disperse naturally, perhaps after a day or two. 

When low mood and depressive feelings persist, they can interfere with your day-to-day life. Some sufferers find it hard to get out of bed; others struggle to complete everyday tasks, such as taking a shower. Counseling depression sufferers at that stage of their condition can differ for each individual.

Like no two people are the same, depression can manifest differently in different individuals. TrueCare’s approach to depression counseling services takes this into account. Our therapists start with a thorough assessment of the individual and their condition. 

Only once this assessment is concluded will they offer a treatment plan and other suggestions for their clients. This personalized, adaptive approach sets us apart from other counseling for depression services. 

Plus, TrueCare offers different settings for counseling depression sufferers. Clients can choose to see their counselor in person for their session. But we also offer telehealth consultations. Online therapy means accessing support through the internet. 

Telehealth consultations may have been a necessity during the coronavirus pandemic. But their convenience for patients means that these services are not going away. Depending on the individual, telehealth consultations are just as good as in-person therapy. 

For anyone suffering badly from depression, leaving their home can become difficult. It is when telehealth consultations can offer a lifeline. 

Why Should you Consider TrueCare24 for Depression Counseling Services? 

Flexibility is one reason to opt for TrueCare24, and having the choice between the best online counseling for depression or in-person services is essential for many clients. 

Beyond that, other considerations set TrueCare apart from the competition. 

The company is a proven provider of both in-person care and telehealthcare. Working with a vast network of highly experienced and fully licensed specialists, we can deliver the care you need in your location. 

Our therapists are well versed in treating people of all ages, including children and seniors. We offer more than counseling depression patients. Our mental and behavioral health services are extensive. They include counseling for stress and anxiety. But we also provide a comprehensive behavioral health program to prevent mental challenges from becoming severe mental health conditions. 

It allows us to help you at any stage of your condition. Whether you are suffering from temporary low moods or have developed major depressive episodes, our team is available to help. TrueCare’s specialist therapists are experienced in addressing a wide range of mental health conditions. They can also offer different treatment approaches and always look for a solution that is best for you. Individualized, personalized care is at the core of everything we do. 

Depression Counseling Techniques

Depression counseling can take different forms. As a form of talk therapy, most clients start by having a conversation with their therapist to explore the beginnings of their condition. 

When did they start feeling depressed? At which point did these low moods change from fleeting to more permanent? Where there any specific trigger events like loss or grief?

Without exploring the causes behind depressive feelings, it is impossible to start treating those debilitating moods. Depressive disorders can vary. Major depressive disorder is one of the most common mental health conditions, whereas premenstrual dysphoric disorder would require a different approach.

During counseling depression sessions, your therapist may suggest several lifestyle changes. Initially, that may seem unrelated to your depression, but our cognitive habits greatly influence how we feel and how we perceive the world around us. 

Exercise is a good example. Even mild exercise can boost the body’s output of endorphins temporarily. Over time, scientists have found that regular exercise can build “positive pathways” in the brain. There is no need to introduce a tough training regimen to reap the benefits of exercise. Going for regular walks is enough to boost your mood and support your physical health. 

Counseling for depression may also consider your sleeping patterns. Disrupted or disordered sleep has been associated with various physical and mental health problems. If that is true in your case, your therapist may emphasize helping you improve your sleep hygiene, for example. 

While some people recover through counseling depression alone, others benefit from combining counseling with medication. What is most important is to customize the approach to you as the client. 

FAQs on Depression Counseling

How does depression counseling work?

Counseling for depression works by exploring and addressing the root causes of persistent low moods that can become debilitating over time.

Where is counseling available?

TrueCare offers depression counseling via in-person and telehealth services. With the help of an extensive network of specialists, we ensure that counseling appointments are available as and when clients need them. Services are available on-demand but without a contractual tie-in.

What makes TrueCare different from other providers?

TrueCare takes an individual approach to each counseling depression client. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment for mental health conditions. Our therapists are experienced in treating not only depression but also a wide range of other states. It helps them assess clients more thoroughly and offers a more excellent range of treatments to help them feel better.

How soon will I get better?

How many consultation sessions you require depends on your condition’s nature and severity. Once the initial assessment is complete, our therapists will generally be able to give you a prediction. However, the essential aspect of the treatment is to help you feel better.

Can counseling be combined with other treatments?

Yes. In some cases, our therapists may suggest combining your treatment with medication or brain stimulation to achieve the best results.

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