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Everyone gets angry at times. Anger is a normal emotional response. But if it persists, anger can damage your relationships and impact your quality of life. Anger counseling helps.

What is Anger Management Counseling?

Can you remember the last time you got angry? Perhaps you were having a bad day, and something a colleague said pushed you over the edge? Or you had put a lot of effort into a project brief, only for the entire job to be canceled. The point is that most of us experience feelings of anger from time to time. Like sadness and joy, anger is a normal human emotion. 

However, this normal emotion becomes problematic when anger turns to rage or when you feel persistently angry. Touching anger can harm your physical and mental health most of the time. Angry outbursts can appear scary to the people around you. They may alienate colleagues and friends. More importantly, constant angry fits can ruin your family relationships over time. 

Counseling for anger management is a form of talk therapy that helps moderate angry outbursts. Also known as anger control counseling, this type of treatment tries to identify what triggers an angry response in a person. Based on that, anger counseling helps find ways and techniques to manage those triggers and defuse angry reactions before they become problematic. 

How does TrueCare™’s Anger Management Counseling Work?

Anger is a very individual emotion. Each person responds to different triggers. Some people get angry because they are stressed. For others, a feeling of injustice or failure triggers an angry outburst. 

Triggers can be internal or external, such as humiliation in front of others or bullying. Anger responses can vary from a degree of irritation to full-blown screaming, and they are not always immediate responses either. There are as many causes for anger and as many types of anger responses as there are people. That is why anger counseling needs to take a personalized approach to be successful. Treating to treat each individual the same will not deliver the desired results. 

TrueCare™ offers a highly individualized form of anger management counseling services. The approach is based on a thorough assessment of the individual client. The goal is to identify specific triggers that cause a person to react angrily. Once it becomes clear what causes a person to become angry, it is easier to address those triggers through counseling anger management and moderating the reaction. 

TrueCare™ also offers different types of anger counseling, including in-person sessions and telehealth anger counseling. While anger management counseling online was necessary during the coronavirus pandemic, it is now a choice. Depending on your work and family commitments, it may be easier to fit in anger counseling from home. 

On the other hand, many clients prefer to see their counselor face-to-face, at least for the first few sessions when building a rapport. There is no need to choose one over the other if you believe that a combination will work best. 

Why Should you Consider TrueCare™ for Anger Management Counseling Services?

Like most counseling services, including depression, anxiety, or grief counseling, anger issues counseling is based on trust. 

Most clients need to feel comfortable with their therapist before they are happy to open up to them. One of the best ways to ensure you receive the counseling you need is to choose an anger issues counseling provider with a proven track record and various experiences. 

TrueCare™ has a vast network of highly experienced anger counseling specialists who also have experience in other forms of mental and behavioral health counseling. As a company with a nationwide network of medical professionals, TrueCare™ has built extensive expertise in the field. 

One example is the organization’s comprehensive behavioral health program for assisted living facilities. While not technically an anger management program, behavioral health counseling is one way of addressing anger-related issues. 

Choosing a counseling provider with a vast network of specialists also means that support is always available when you need it. Especially for those suffering from acute outbursts, having instant access to help can be critical. 

Anger Management Counseling Techniques

Anger counseling starts by identifying the triggers that cause an individual to respond angrily. By breaking down triggers into internal and external factors, it becomes easier for therapists and clients to moderate the response to those triggers. 

Modern anger management counseling services recognize that it is often difficult, if not impossible, to eliminate the triggers of anger, especially if they come from external sources. Most adults will be able to relate to situations when their manager said something to make them angry. That feeling of anger triggers physical and emotional arousal. Anger management counseling aims to help clients develop strategies that defuse their anger. 

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is often the talk therapy of choice to address anger issues. CBT sessions provide opportunities to practice coping skills and develop more effective responses to anger. Different forms of CBT can also help strengthen emotional regulation and distress tolerance skills. 

In many cases, angry outbursts are directed at close family members, even if they were not the cause of the emotional reaction in the first place. When that is the case, anger management counselors may suggest individual therapy sessions and family therapy. 

Anger is not always based on an adverse event, either. Instead, the emotion can have more to do with a person’s reaction to the event or even a past situation. To identify the underlying causes of anger, therapists listen closely to how their clients describe events. Language holds powerful clues for counseling anger management. 

FAQs on Anger Management Counseling

What causes angry outbursts?

Anger is an individual, personal response to internal or external triggers. Those triggers might be remarks made by others or adverse events.

How can counselors address those outbursts?

Anger counseling professionals start by identifying what triggers individual clients. There is no apparent direct connection between an event and an angry response in some cases. Once the triggers are clear, it becomes easier to develop coping strategies.

Why is my counselor recommending family therapy?

In many cases, families and close relatives receive angry outbursts, even if they do not trigger the emotion. When that is the case, both clients and loved ones benefit from family counseling for anger management.

Is anger management counseling service online effective?

Yes. Anger management counseling online can be just as effective as in-person sessions. Which version of counseling works for you is often just a question of personal preference.

Where do I find an anger management counselor?

As a proven provider of mental and behavioral health care services, TrueCare24 works with an extensive network of anger management counselors across the United States. Even if no counselor is close to you geographically, telehealth consultations make treatment easily accessible.

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