The following sets forth TrueCare24’s policy for complying with consumer and caregiver requests not to be called or texted by TrueCare24, and maintaining a list of such requests.  The purpose of this Do Not Call Policy is to ensure that (a) telephone calls or text messages made by TrueCare24’s employees, team members, agents and representatives conform to federal and state standards, and (b) TrueCare24 honors requests not to be called or texted.  A copy of this Policy shall be made available to any person (or their authorized) representative immediately upon request.

I. TrueCare24 Do Not Call List

In making outbound telephone calls or texts, TrueCare24’s maintains, follows and updates its own internal do-not-call list (“TrueCare24 Do Not Call List”).  This Do Not Call List includes those persons who have directly communicated their desire not be called or texted by TrueCare24.  

Persons who do not want to receive calls or texts from TrueCare24, may ask us to place their telephone number on the TrueCare24 Do Not Call List by:

  • Sending a written request to 8270 Woodland Center Blvd PMB 548, Tampa FL 33614
  • E-mailing TrueCare24 at [email protected]
  • Calling TrueCare24 at: (551) 227-3669

All such do-not-call or text requests must include the telephone number(s) at which the person no longer wishes to receive calls or text messages from TrueCare24.

TrueCare24’s policy is to record each do-not-call or text request, regardless of the form in which it is made, at the time it is made and to place the person’s telephone number(s) on the TrueCare24 Do Not Call List within a reasonable time after the request.  The phone numbers listed in the TrueCare24 Do Not Call List are excluded from future call or texts by TrueCare24, unless a person later provides us permission or consent to call or text that number or the call or text is otherwise permitted by applicable law.  

TrueCare24’s policy is to maintain a record of all do-not-call or text requests made for a minimum of five (5) years.  TrueCare24 also refrains from selling or sharing the TrueCare24 Do Not Call List (except for call suppression purposes) without consumer consent.

II. National Do Not Call Registry

TrueCare24 subscribes to the National Do Not Call Registry in an effort to prevent unsolicited telephone calls or texts to any telephone number properly listed on the Registry.  This list is updated and maintained in accordance with the requirements of applicable federal law (e.g., such as receiving and implementing updates at least once every thirty (30) days).  Records documenting this process are maintained by TrueCare24 in the regular course of its business. TrueCare24 also does not sell, rent, lease, purchase or use the National Do Not Call Registry except for compliance with the National Do Not Call rules.

TrueCare24’s policy is not to conduct telephone solicitations to telephone numbers properly registered on the National Do Not Call Registry unless (i) the Company has an “established business relationship” with the person, as defined in the relevant statutes and as otherwise permitted by the FTC, FCC or a state regulator; or (ii) the person has expressly invited or permitted TrueCare24 to contact them by telephone.  If a person with an established business relationship with TrueCare24 communicates directly to the Company his/her desire to be placed on the TrueCare24 Do Not Call List, TrueCare24’s policy is to place the person on the List and the person will not receive future telephone solicitations from the Company.  

III. Training

All TrueCare24 personnel engaged in any aspect of telephone solicitation are informed of and trained in the existence and use of both the TrueCare24 Do Not Call List and the National Do Not Call Registry, and TrueCare24’s policies and procedures with respect to do-not-call or text requests.