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Home Care Services
For the basics, we have you covered. From light house keeping to setting appointments.
We'll take you wherever your going, if it's an appointment, store or family.
We can help monitor the nights to ensure everyone else gets a good nights sleep.
Providers can cook, prep meals and make sure a health meal is consumed.
Timely reminders to take the right medication at the right time, or other medical needs.
Keeping it clean, if it's bathing, dressing or using the restroom.
Sometimes it's nice for someone just to be there, take a walk or have a conversation.
A week, or for months, someone can be there for you around the clock.
Support and manage issues that might arise during the day, and help take care of basic needs.
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I have Type II Diabetes and COPD, paralytic syndrome, and have been bedridden for the past 6 years thus requiring a doctor who can treat me in my own home. My previous primary care doctor who made house call visits no longer serviced the area that I live in. I contacted TrueCare24 for help, and upon thorough search, they found that there were no providers who make house calls in the area that I live. Therefore, TrueCare24 suggested the option for me to receive access to doctors via telemedicine that allows me access to doctors 24/7 via phone or via video calls.
B.T. Newark, NJ
My mother suffers from severe dementia, and she realized she had run out of medicine. Unable to drive to the clinic herself and wait through the long lines to receive her prescriptions, she called TrueCare24. The nurse practitioner arrived in a timely manner with the needed prescriptions. Very fast, quality service!
J.A. Anaheim, CA
The care was considerate, high in quality, and timely. Both the practitioner and TrueCare24 were on-top of things - I couldn’t have asked for better service.
J.K. Berkeley, CA
My mother suffered from a double ear infection and was unable to drive to the hospital because she’s immobile. After contacting TrueCare24, a doctor came within three hours and treated her with antibiotics. Furthermore, medicare covered all the costs of the doctor’s visit! We love the services TrueCare24 provides.
R.P. Lomita, CA
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