Adult Counseling Services – Online or In-Person Sessions

Adult life can be challenging. Trying to balance career, family, other relationships, and health can soon become overwhelming. Adult counseling offers a safe place for support.

Adult Counseling Services

Adult Counseling

As children, many of us are told to “let the adults deal with that.” As adults, it becomes evident that dealing with the wide variety of issues adults face on a given day can be challenging. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed by the pressures of everyday life. 

Counseling services for adults provide a safe space to address and resolve those concerns. There is no right or wrong moment to start counseling. Sessions can be beneficial for anyone who is beginning to feel overwhelmed. Talking to a mental health professional may prevent a stressful situation from developing into a mental health condition. 

At the same time, counseling can be highly effective as a treatment for a fully developed and diagnosed mental health condition. Counseling can help adults of any age explore their beliefs, interactions with others, and past experiences. For many, understanding their past helps put current stressors and difficulties into context and opens a path toward better coping strategies. 

Adult counseling can be done individually or in a family or group. Some mental and behavioral health concerns are caused or exacerbated by relationship difficulties. For that reason, it can be highly effective to address them in a group context. 

How does TrueCare™’s Counseling for Adults Work?

TrueCare™’s counseling for adults is based on the platform’s unique, adaptive approach to all of its counseling services. There is no one-size-fits-all roadmap for counseling success. 

Instead, TrueCare™ counselors start by assessing their patients and developing a tailored counseling program that meets their needs. It includes using different techniques of talk therapy and other counseling methods. It also means adapting the number of counseling sessions and the place of treatment to the individual. 

Adult counseling can be delivered through in-person sessions in a therapist’s practice, traditionally the most widely available form of counseling. However, online counseling has been growing in popularity for about a decade. The coronavirus pandemic further accelerated that growth. 

In addition, adult counseling services can be delivered in the client’s home. In-home counseling is especially effective for family-based therapy or relationship counseling. It is also an excellent option for people with limited mobility.


Why Should You Consider TrueCare™ for Adult Counseling Services?

TrueCare™’s adaptive and flexible approach makes access to high-quality counseling services easy and convenient. As a proven provider of mental and behavioral health care services for individuals and corporations, TrueCare™ counselors are ideally placed to help adults navigate the challenges of different phases of their lives. 

Enter the term counseling services for adults near me into any search engine, and you will find that TrueCare™ has a counselor available near you. That means, no matter your mental health concern, help is close by. 

As a leading platform in the mental and behavioral health care space, TrueCare™ has built an extensive network of specialist counselors. It allows us to help you where and when you need support. There are no waitlists or other delays which could exacerbate mental health issues and cause these issues to grow into full-blown conditions. 

Our vast network of counselors includes professionals with versatile experience in different areas of mental health care and highly specialized counselors. This combination of expertise and experience allows us to support adults with a wide range of concerns, including:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Stress 
  • Career difficulties
  • Relationship problems
  • And more

Group-based and individual counseling for adults is not limited to a certain number of topics. These sessions can address a wide range of concerns and provide coping strategies that work long-term. 

Process of Counseling Adults

In many ways, adult counseling follows a similar process to other forms of counseling, such as counseling for seniors or counseling for children. Basic steps include:

  • Introductory session
  • Treatment plan
  • Therapy sessions
  • Regular reviews

Introductory session

Your initial session or sessions with a new therapist are critical for the success of your counseling program. These sessions cover more than simply making introductions and getting to know each other. 

If this is the first time you are looking for counseling support, the counselor will detail what to expect. If you previously had therapy with a different professional, your new counselor will want to know more about your previous experiences. Counselors will also cover formalities such as the logistics surrounding appointments, confidentiality, and informed consent. 

Moreover, they will introduce their approach to therapy and how you will benefit from it. It is equally important to discuss your expectations and set goals for your counseling sessions. 

Treatment Plan

The counselor will develop a treatment plan based on their assessment and the information gathered through an introductory session – or even a phone call. 

Just as people differ, so do their expectations and goals for therapy sessions. It is essential to discuss your needs honestly to allow the therapist to choose the most promising approach for your sessions. 

Therapy Sessions

Depending on your needs and lifestyle, your therapy sessions may be conducted at the counselor’s practice, at your home, or even online. As online counseling has grown in popularity, it is becoming more common to use this approach. It is also possible to combine online and in-person counseling. 

How many sessions you require depends on the nature of the mental health concerns the therapy needs to address and on your goals. There is no standard number of sessions that benefit adults. However, most forms of counseling deliver noticeable benefits within a short time. 


Regular Review

Even if your sessions are based on a detailed assessment, regular reviews are crucial to check your progress toward your therapy goals. At the same time, counseling sessions may bring you to realize that you want to change your plans. 

Reviewing progress helps both the client and the counselor stay on track and increases the success rate of your counseling sessions.

Techniques of Counseling for Adults

During the initial assessment, the counselor will determine which type of treatment is most beneficial for the person they are working with. 

Counseling techniques like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) can show great results even short term. Clients learn to recognize thought patterns and behaviors that prevent them from reaching their goals. Once this awareness has been established, both parties work together to develop coping mechanisms. CBT is a powerful tool to address depression and anxiety, for example. 

Depending on your needs, your counselor may suggest trauma therapy. This type of therapy targets emotions and physical reactions to trauma. Clients benefit from being in a safe space where they can explore their responses and potentially correct them. 

Counseling for adults may also include relationship or family therapy. 

Why Do Adults Seek Counseling?

There is no finite list of reasons why adults seek counseling.

Some people look for a counselor to help them deal with mental health challenges. Others use counseling to help them reach their potential in their career. Becoming successful not only depends on knowledge in a certain field. Psychological strength is often just as important.

There are no right or wrong reasons to seek support. No matter the age of a person, most of us face situations where we need or benefit from outside help. Counseling facilitates this type of support.

    FAQs on Counseling Adults

    Why may I need adult counseling? 

    Adult counseling can help with many concerns, including mental and behavioral health challenges or childhood trauma. Counseling is also a great way to support career development on an ongoing basis.

    How are adult counseling sessions delivered?

    Adult counseling sessions can be delivered in different ways. Online counseling has become one of the most popular types of therapy. At the same time, many adults continue to prefer meeting their counselor in person. In-person counseling can be delivered in the client’s home or the counselor’s practice.

    What is most important in a counselor?

    For most clients, it is critical to develop a rapport or working relationship with their counselor. Failing to establish this relationship makes it harder for clients to open up and share their concerns. As a result, they may require additional sessions or the counseling may not be as successful as it could have been otherwise.

    How do I find a counselor?

    Platforms like TrueCare™ make it easy to find a counselor near you with the right qualifications, specializations, and licenses.

    How long do I need to have counseling?

    There is no fixed number of sessions for adult counseling. Instead, the length of treatment or therapy depends on your goals and the concerns you are planning to address. Some clients have very specific requirements for their treatment. Others prefer to have ongoing support. Both approaches are equally valid.

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