Behavioral Health Services for Corporate Employees

Behavioral health services for employees can alleviate America's workplace crisis. Corporate organizations' behavioral health services target mental and physical challenges by improving everyday habits.

Employee health and well-being have come under scrutiny since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. While the last two years may have turned physical and mental health at work into leading topics of conversation, the problem is not new. 

Even before the pandemic, America’s workforce struggled. Corporate behavioral health services give employers the tools to ensure their teams are well supported. Employee behavioral health services are not only beneficial to individual staff members. They also improve a corporate organization’s bottom line by raising productivity throughout the company. 

Behavioral Health Services for Corporate

Offering this type of support gives your team access to their skills to work effectively and efficiently. The change can transform your entire organization. 

Behavioral health services for corporate can include telehealth, access to a mental health professional, or group-based work. In most cases, service providers start by assessing the level of risk of individual employees or entire teams. Based on their findings, they develop tailored solutions for your organization. 

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Today’s business environment is highly competitive. As a business owner or manager, you are not only facing challenges from your competitors when it comes to sales. Challenges also include attracting and retaining the right staff for your company. 

Standard perks like bonuses or access to corporate discounts are no longer enough in many industries. However, employee behavioral health services are growing in popularity with staff members at all levels. Providing access to these services can set you apart from the competition. 

Why Mental Health Care for Employees is Important

Nearly 20% of American adults suffer from a depressive illness in any given year. Apart from creating a massive burden for the individual’s family, mental illness also takes its toll on the person’s productivity at work. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that nearly 80% of those who felt depressed also reported some degree of functional impairment. 27% of those suffering from depressive symptoms thought that they had severe difficulties in their work and home life. 

While it may be hard to quantify the impact of depression and other mental illnesses at home, experts have found that patients with depression miss approximately five workdays each quarter. Throughout the same period, their productivity is reduced by more than 11 days. 

That is the same as two workweeks. Few businesses can afford this loss of productivity when the economy is strong. At this time, with growing inflation, a labor shortage, and uncertainty over the potential progress of the pandemic, the impact is even more substantial. 

At the beginning of this century, experts estimated that depression was costing employers in the U.S. between $17 and $44 billion every year. Since then, American businesses have had to cope with the economic crises of 2008 and the pandemic. 

Behavioral health services for employees have the potential to address ongoing workplace challenges. These services can also prevent temporary issues from becoming permanent and spiraling out of control. 

How Does Behavioral Health Services Work for Corporates? 

Behavioral health services for corporate work by helping employees develop or maintain positive habits in the workplace. 

From scheduling regular breaks to prioritizing additional qualifications or leaving the office for lunch – all those habits can contribute to an employee’s overall well-being. They may not seem like significant changes at first glance but altering bad habits and replacing them with better ones will pay dividends in the long run. 

The benefits of employee behavioral health services apply to the team and the entire business. Satisfied employees work more efficiently. Plus, they positively influence the company’s overall corporate culture. 

For most organizations, offering corporate behavioral health services works best with a proven, experienced partner. In this scenario, the organization and its employees benefit from having access to professional advice whenever they need it without establishing an in-house team. 

Leading providers of behavioral services for employees will work seamlessly with an organization’s existing HR team. They will start by offering risk assessments to understand who may be in danger of suffering from mental health challenges. Once those individuals and their specific concerns have been identified, a mental health professional customizes a plan to help address the most pressing issues. The goal is to turn mental health challenges around and develop positive workplace behaviors. 

Understanding the Cycle of Behavioral Health Conditions 

Behavioral health challenges develop over a period. They may start as a minor issue but can spiral out of control if left untreated. 

Experts have identified five parts of the cycle of behavioral health conditions:

  • Risk development
  • Symptom escalation
  • Performance drop
  • Chronic impact
  • Recovery through intervention

    Risk Development

    Early-stage symptoms of behavioral health problems can be challenging to notice. However, the earlier someone seeks help, the easier it is for them to recover and return to total productivity. Comprehensive behavioral health services for corporate should include specific training for managers to help them spot warning signs. 

    Perhaps their team members stopped taking lunch breaks? Far from being a sign of increased productivity, this could indicate raised stress levels that may grow into anxiety. Besides training managers, providing easy access to corporate behavioral health services is critical. Access lowers the barrier for team members who are hesitant to ask for help. 

    Symptom Escalation

    At this stage, an employee’s problems become noticeable. While they may still work through lunch, stress, anxiety, and other issues take their toll and lead to absences. 

    As the behavioral health problems increase, so does the number of days off the employee needs. The sooner managers or business owners intervene, the quicker the employee can recover. The absences might be challenging for the business, but it is essential to remember that the employee is also suffering. 

    Offering access to behavioral health services for corporate is the first step toward improvement.

    Performance Drop

    Stage three of this cycle is even more noticeable than stage two. Absences have escalated, and some employees may need disability leave. They can no longer make up for or hide the drop in productivity. 

    This is when behavioral health services for employees become a matter of urgency. Employees may need personalized accommodations to their workload and schedule to help them return to total productivity.

    Chronic Impact

    Left without support, employees suffering from mental health challenges may feel they have to go to the company or the workforce in general. 

    Employee behavioral health services can still help at this stage, but the likelihood of success is higher with earlier interventions. 

    Recovery Through Intervention 

    Recovery is possible at any stage of the cycle, but it is easier if mental health conditions are identified and addressed early. The key is to offer comprehensive behavioral health support and make it accessible without a stigma attached to the service. 

    Final Thoughts

    Corporate behavioral health services allow employers to stand out from their competitors and attract top talent. Providing these services is simple and cost-effective with a proven partner like TrueCare™.

    TrueCare™’s corporate behavioral health services can bring the expertise, in-depth knowledge, and hands-on support your team needs whenever you need it.

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