Social Worker Salary and Job Outlook

What constitutes a rewarding career can differ depending on the individual. Most people will consider the potential salary and long-term job security. Social work provides good opportunities for both.

Social Worker Salary

LCSW Salary and Job Outlook – Overview

A career in social work can be highly varied and extremely rewarding for individuals who thrive on helping others. Social work is a growing field, offering a wide choice of job opportunities. As vacancies across the United States continue to grow, qualified licensed clinical social workers (LCSW) can secure lucrative positions with long-term job security. 

Social Work at a Glance

Across the United States, the demand for LCSW and other social workers is growing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects employment in the sector to grow by 12% between 2020 and 2030. Experts predict more than 78,000 job openings every year throughout that period. 

Not all of those jobs will be newly created. Many social work job openings result from professionals in the field retiring or transferring to other sectors. However, the coronavirus pandemic has also fueled the growth of the industry. 

As Americans are starting to open up more about mental and behavioral health challenges, more people seek assistance from counselors. LCSWs are ideally placed to offer that kind of support. 

With sustained growth of the sector and new opportunities arising through telehealth counseling services, a career in social work provides a high level of job security. 

How Much Does a Social Worker Make?

Social workers are employed in various roles and have different degrees of seniority. This variety makes it hard to determine an average social work job and state an average salary. 

Nevertheless, recruitment experts have compiled a range of salary data for the sector. According to that research, a newly qualified LCSW will make an average starting salary of $41,000 per year. The BLS found that the average salary of a social worker is just above $50,000. 

However, some people with social work qualifications earned multiples of that average in corporate positions or private practice. The remuneration of a social worker based in a physical office also depends on their location in the United States. 

While New York, NY, and Columbus, OH, had the highest number of licensed clinical social workers, those based in Sacramento, CA, earned the highest average salary. LCSW in California’s capital city earned more than $95,000 per year. 

Who Chooses a Career in Social Work?

Individuals need several vital skills to become successful social workers and build a long-lasting careers. It also helps to complete licensure and become an LCSW rather than making an entire career on a bachelor’s degree

The average LCSW in the United States is 44 years old. More than 80% of all LCSW are women. Social work is one of the few industry sectors where women are generally paid on a par with or slightly more than their male colleagues. 

About two-thirds of licensed social workers are white. People of black or African American ethnicity make up about 15% of the sector, with those of Hispanic or Latinx ethnicity at just over 12%. 

How do you Build a Career in Social Work? 

Training as a social worker [perhaps link to the forthcoming post again?] is only the beginning of building a rewarding career in this growing sector. 

Both government organizations and private businesses employ social workers. Some LCSWs also become self-employed and open their practice working with private and corporate clients. 

Throughout their career, social workers have the opportunity to specialize. Some choose to work with children and families, while others prefer to focus on veterans, for example. The U.S. Department for Veteran’s Affairs alone employs roughly 12,000 social workers. Most recently, leading corporate employers have understood the importance of good mental and behavioral health. As a result, some have started offering their employees access to counseling. 

This type of counseling can be delivered by a licensed clinical social worker and other mental health professionals. Depending on the specifics of the job and the place of employment, salary and working hours vary widely. 

Choosing Flexibility 

Working through a platform like TrueCare allows LCSW and other social workers to control their workload and earnings. 

In a sector where boundary setting and time management are essential to building a lasting career [please link to the job skills post], flexible access to work can be hugely beneficial. LCSWs working through TrueCare is part of a nationwide network of highly qualified and experienced professionals. 

As a social worker, you gain client access but decide how much work you can manage. Support staff work in the background to cover administrative tasks such as billing, allowing social workers to focus all their attention and energy on their clients. LCSWs not only receive competitive pay and benefits packages, but they also enjoy manageable caseloads. 

The service works just as well for HR teams looking to offer counseling and other services to the company’s employees. They gain access to highly qualified professionals without building a permanent in-house team. 

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TrueCare™ is a nationwide Health & Wellness platform for families and businesses providing end-to-end solutions for COVID-19 testing, screening, vaccination, home care, and corporate well-being services.

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