Work when and how you like—with less stress

We provide the patients and back office support. You provide the therapy. Find part-time and full-time opportunities for LCSW’s, LMSW’s, and Social Workers with competitive pay and amazing benefits.

  • No Admin Work
  • Manageable Caseloads
  • Competitve Pay & Benefits

Seeking a new career or part-time work? TrueCare brings the patients and back-office support

  • You provide therapy to senior citizens at Assisted Living Facilities
  • Facilities are no more than 30 miles driving distance from your location
  • Credentialing, billing, marketing, and other tedious admin tasks are done for you

Have a positive impact on one of our most underserved populations: seniors

Nearly 60% of seniors are at risk of social isolation and loneliness. With your help, we create individualized support networks for our fastest growing population.

Behavioral Health Services Overview

Watch this short presentation about the behavioral health services we are providing to residents at Assisted Living Facilities.

A World Class Support Team

With our in-house, award winning creative team and software engineers, we've created a suite of care-enhancing tools that give you the data and insights you need to inform your approach.

  • Served Over 100K Patients in 2021

  • Easy-to-use technology platform that saves time

  • A dedicated team helps support case management

Find out How You Can Benefit from Joining the TrueCare Team

  • 1

    Apply for a part-time or full-time role

    It only take a few minutes
  • 2

    Schedule an interview

    One of our people will talk with you about opportunities and which might be the best fit
  • 3

    Complete onboarding, start therapy

    We’ll provide the resources, training, and tools to launch services, including scheduling sessions based on your availability

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Work when and how you like — with less stress