Healthcare Staffing for Hospice Facilities

Hospices provide some of the most critical care in the American healthcare system. Ensuring that residents with life-limiting illnesses can spend the last chapter of their lives in comfort is both a calling and a demanding profession. With a continued labor shortage affecting the healthcare sector as a whole, medical staffing for hospice facilities provides an ideal solution.

Top Medical Staffing Agency for Hospice Facilities

As any reputable hospice facilities medical staffing agency will attest to, the medical conditions leading to a need for hospice care vary widely. The NHPCO’s figures show that Alzheimer’s disease, different types of dementia, and Parkinson’s disease currently account for one in five hospice stays. Respiratory, circulatory, and heart conditions followed suit, alongside strokes and cancer. Each of those conditions accounted for anything between 5% and 7% of hospice patients.

Whilst the focus of medical staffing for hospice facilities is to provide compassionate care, it is obvious that hospices require a wide range of staff with specialist qualifications. For that reason, working with a hospice facilities medical staffing agency makes sense for countless hospice facilities across the country. Staffing agencies are well-placed to fulfill requirements for specialist nursing and other medical personnel at short notice.

Medical staffing agencies for hospice care can also deliver different levels of support to their clients. So-called routine hospice care may be the most common request. However, agencies like TrueCare24 also supply continuous home care professionals and can assist with inpatient respite care needs.

Why Choose Truecare24 as your Staffing Partner?

Choosing a healthcare staffing agency for hospice facilities comes down to trust. As an owner, manager, or caregiver you need to ensure your residents or patients receive the most suitable level of care possible.

TrueCare24 has a proven track record in providing healthcare staffing for hospice facilities. Our team understands the needs of different hospice settings, and our nationwide network of medical professionals ensures that we can fulfill those needs reliably and flexibly.