TrueCare has launched an on-site, in-person behavioral health program

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TAMPA (FL) – February 22, 2022 | TrueCare™ has launched an on-site, in-person behavioral health program designed for assisted living facilities to serve the mental and emotional needs of their residents.

As behavioral and mental health affects one in five U.S. adults, the need for private behavioral health services is clear.

“Social isolation is considered one of the most significant health risks in older adults and costs roughly $6.7 billion annually. Older adults with physical health conditions, such as heart disease, have higher rates of depression than those who are healthy”, says Leo Popov, Co-founder of TrueCare™.

The TrueCare Behavioral Health platform offers a comprehensive, in-person, Medicare-accepted program—building an environment where residents can grow stronger emotionally and help build a healthier community. Our licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs) take an integrated approach that encourages engagement and social participation—ultimately improving resident retention. Residents enjoy the unique, personalized program and find it easy to work with.

“With our in-facility model of behavioral health counseling, we provide an optimal solution for residents who may be wary of accepting help with open arms. We meet your residents where they are most comfortable—a highly effective approach benefiting residents, providers, and staff”, comments Justyn King, Behavioral Health Product manager at TrueCare™.

TrueCare™ goes beyond traditional healthcare operations to bridge the gap between aging adults being worried about asking for help and having personalized care—where they are.

For more information, please visit our Behavioral Health website.

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