How to Find a Reliable Healthcare Staffing Agency

The world of healthcare is constantly changing; the coronavirus pandemic has dramatically altered the personnel industry—essential staff. The nurses face a very stressful situation, and the industry is experiencing a shortage of primary medical staff.
When medical institutions face a shortage of staff, companies specializing in finding permanent or temporary medical teams come to the rescue.

There is a relatively large selection of offers for such services, but what should you pay attention to when choosing a temporary or permanent medical personnel supplier? We have prepared five main questions that you need to discuss with a possible provider.

1. How much experience does this provider have with medical personnel?

It is essential to understand what projects for medical personnel were carried out by this provider, with which hospitals, medical institutions, and government agencies this provider worked/worked. Given the current situation with COVID-19, it is also essential to clarify how much experience this provider has in providing services related to COVID-19(testing, vaccination).

2. Identify areas of healthcare expertise for this provider

It is essential to understand which areas of medical specialties a given provider has expertise in. Now there is a great demand for medical personnel with experience in mental health or, for example, pediatrics.

It is good to know that the agency understands the requirements for these professionals and knows precisely where to find them. It assumes that the agency knows what interview questions to ask these candidates and what skills and experience to evaluate to select the best talent in these areas.

Staffing on demand

The industry may lose 500,000 nurses, primarily because of retirement. As a result, the nationwide shortage of nurses will exceed one million, cresting challenging situations for hospitals Request Staffing

3. What is the recruitment process

A high-quality and well-organized personnel selection procedure in the medical field is the key to success. You need to know if your provider carefully screens resumes and suitably interviews candidates how screening and selection of staff are carried out. By offering the proper recruitment process and support at all stages of team and customer development, a provider can provide a more straightforward and more precise selection process for all stakeholders and the confidence that successful candidates quickly adapt to a new job.

4. What the provider uses systems of training, development, and support of personnel

When choosing a provider of medical personnel, it is also essential to pay attention to the availability of internal systems for the training and certification of personnel. It is known that updates are constantly taking place in the medical field; this concerns the design of work the emergence of new methods and technologies. Your medical staff must stay updated with the latest innovations and trends in inpatient care.

5. What else can your staffing company do to help you?

The best healthcare recruiting consultants and care agencies are putting in the extra effort. They go out of their way to make the entire hiring process as easy as possible and take the time to listen and care for both their clients and candidates. Already in the process of starting communication with the provider, you will be able to understand whether they will quickly respond to your emails and phone calls? Will they contact you as soon as possible with any questions you have? Will the consultant keep you updated on every stage of the recruitment process?

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Modern digital solutions, like the Staffing On-Demand platform from TrueCare™, help solve the shortage of staff and make TrueCare™ a full-fledged staffing partner for organizations that need it, primarily hospitals and medical institutions.

The platform provides several job options, including travel nursing, per diem nursing, and full-time hiring solutions.

Another feature of TrueCare™’s approach is the mandatory professional screening of staff and the opportunity for each medical specialist to study in their digital training center. The list of training center programs is constantly updated with new courses to meet current market demands.

These capabilities allow TrueCare™ to respond to staffing requests within 48 hours or less. Filling out an application for staff on the platform is maximally optimized and takes just a few minutes. After that, the application immediately goes to work.

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