Helping Children Struggling with Behavior and Social Difficulties in Schools

Our childhood and teenage years are among the most formative periods of our lives. Positive and negative experiences encountered during those years can affect individuals for the rest of their lives.

Helping Children Struggling with Behavior issues

Growing Up Can Be Challenging

Glossy movie versions of growing up would make it easy to believe that being a child or a teenager is easy. Today’s reality for school-age children and young adults can look very different. Many of them struggle with daily problems that are easily overlooked but potentially develop into serious health concerns over time. 

Students may be stressed about their academic performance and what it means for college applications. Others might face social difficulties, finding it hard to make friends or suffering from peer pressure and bullying. Being rejected by classmates can easily lead to loneliness and isolation at school. 

The teenage years are also a time of changing relationships with others. That means that children and young adults may have questions about their sexuality. Some may be tempted to try alcohol and other substance, putting them in danger of drug abuse. 

It would be too simplistic to think that families should be the first line of support, helping kids and teenagers navigate their adolescence. However, sometimes parents and other family members are not best placed to help make decisions or solve problems. In other cases, family problems may be at the root of behavioral challenges. 

Why Schools Are Ideally Placed to Help

Schools are one of the best places to offer children and young people the behavioral and mental health support they need. While behavioral and cognitive health care is not the same, they are closely related. Addressing behavioral and social issues early can prevent concerns from becoming fully developed mental health conditions. 

Schools are a great place to support young people simply because they spend a large part of their day at school. Offering behavioral and mental health support within the setting of an educational institution brings the care many students need directly to them. 

Behavioral health care in schools breaks down barriers to access. Not every family can quickly provide private behavioral support. Even without financial obstacles, students and their parents may struggle to travel across town to attend appointments. Offering support in school avoids those issues.

ADHD, anxiety problems, behavior problems, and depression are the most commonly diagnosed mental disorders in children.

What Behavioral Health Care in Schools Can Achieve

Apart from making behavioral and mental health support more accessible, behavioral health care in schools can change the course of students’ lives by helping them through a critical phase of their lives. 

Behavioral health care in schools can address the following problems:

  • Academic performance issues
  • Social anxiety and peer pressure
  • Bullying
  • Eating disorders
  • Sexuality problems
  • Stress
  • Depression and general anxiety
  • Family problems


Offering behavioral health care in schools allows professional counselors to assess students who may be at risk of mental and behavioral health challenges. Supporting those students early can prevent challenges from developing into mental health conditions requiring long-term treatment. 

School-Specific Benefits

Several of the most common behavioral health problems in young people are especially problematic for their education. Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and other disruptive behavior disorders respond well to behavioral health treatment. 

Schools are also supporting their faculty and other staff by offering support to students struggling with these conditions. Students receive the treatment they need to manage their condition, while teachers benefit from calmer classrooms. 

Behavioral health care has the potential to transform schools and other educational institutions. 

How Behavioral Health Care Works

Behavioral health care is specifically concerned with helping individuals develop and maintain positive habits that support their overall mental health. 

Like in all other settings where behavioral health care is available, this treatment begins with a thorough assessment in schools. Licensed and experienced mental health care professionals start by identifying students at risk of developing behavioral health conditions and those who are already suffering. 

Those students will be offered one-on-one counseling once individuals and conditions have been identified. The goal is to identify underlying causes and triggers of problems and then work on coping strategies. In many cases, coping strategies focus on creating positive habits and routines. 

It may mean creating better studying habits for someone struggling with their academic performance. When students are dealing with disordered eating, behavioral health care counseling can offer guidance on developing regular eating patterns and healthy exercise regimes. 

Behavioral health care treatments, including counseling, can be adapted to the individual. There is no one-size-fits-all approach that would benefit every student. Counselors choose the most promising option from a variety of therapeutic approaches. Behavioral health care makes a difference by approaching each student individually and offering a more tailored form of counseling. 

How to Integrate Behavioral Health Care in Your School

Offering behavioral health support to your students and faculty does not replace the role of a traditional guidance counselor. Guidance counselors have a much wider remit to serve, whereas behavioral health professionals can focus on individual students. 

Integrating these services in your school is easy with the help of a proven partner. TrueCare™ has been offering flexible, tailored behavioral health care services to children and adults and built a nationwide network of experienced counselors. Taking advantage of their expertise can help you change your school and transform the lives of your students.

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