Behavioral Health
Programs for Dialysis

Dialysis for kidney disease is life-saving, but it's also life-changing. Still, by taking charge of your emotional health you can live a rewarding life.

  • No cost to you or patients
  • Add a valuable program to your benefits package
  • Save time and effort for your current staff

Reliable and confidential mental health services to help you live well on dialysis are at your doorstep

  • Conduct disorder, emotional outbursts, impulse-control behaviors and personality disorders
  • Aggression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, anger, loss of interest
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder, loss of physical function, regression, stress and suspicion

Common concerns people on dialysis include:

Dialysis is a major life adjustment that brings with it a range of psychosocial challenges – such as anxiety, social isolation, loneliness, and even depression. Behavioral Health program can help.

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Fatigue or lower energy
  • Stress and negative feelings
  • Relationship difficulties

We are here to help

Our mission is to address the behavioral and emotional challenges that prevent people from living up to their fullest potential. We ask our patients to take our hand as we guide them to overcome their challenges and help them create sustainable balance.

  • 180 Served Hospitals and care facilities

  • Network of 150,000 medical professionals

  • More than 300 clients in US we worked with

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