Behavioral Health For Seniors

Maintaining good behavioral health for seniors can be a challenging task. Current statistics show that one in five older adults in the United States is suffering from a mental health concern.

While mental health and behavioral health are not the same, they are closely related. Ensuring that older people have the expertise and support is critical, especially for those in assisted living communities.

What is Behavioral Health for Seniors?

Behavioral health encompasses habits and routines that help keep a person in a good state physically and mentally. Those positive habits include eating patterns, exercise, and physical activity, which also relate to social contacts.

Having the opportunity to socialize with others is especially important for senior behavioral health. As people age, their contacts tend to become limited. Retirement can take away chances to date previously created by the working environment. As seniors get older, they may lose friends to illnesses and other conditions.

Moving into an assisted living community can alleviate many of those concerns. Assisted living lends itself to finding a new community and making new friends. Nevertheless, the transition from living independently to living in a community can be tough on new residents’ mental well-being.

How a Senior Behavioral Health Unit Can Help?

Assisted living facilities have an opportunity to help their residents transition and live life to the fullest. While the move into this type of community signals the beginning of the last phase of a person’s life, many residents have years, if not decades, ahead of them. 

Providing the highest quality of care means offering behavioral health services within your facility. Consider the benefits: residents no longer have to travel outside, minimizing the potential for missed appointments. Behavioral health services like TrueCare™’s behavioral health program for assisted living facilities allow you to establish a senior behavioral health unit right inside your community.

Because Medicare has approved the program, it is free for your organization and your residents. You gain access to qualified behavioral health technicians who will design a customized program for you and your residents.

Most successful behavioral health programs feature the following components:

  • A thorough assessment of the behavioral health risks of your residents
  • Access to behavioral health counseling
  • Wide range of opportunities to socialize and meet other residents
  • Support with healthy eating habits, including regular eating patterns
  • Access to help with mental health conditions

TrueCare™’s behavioral health program for assisted living covers these bases and more. We can also offer your team training in behavioral health care. Not only do you have access to our expert team, but you are also growing your team’s expertise at the same time.  As a result, your assisted living facility stands out amongst competitors by offering the highest levels of care.

Senior Living Behavioral Health Care

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that 20% of U.S. residents over 55 suffer from mental health issues. However, there is no direct connection between aging and conditions like depression and anxiety.

There is a strong connection between those mental health challenges and specific aspects of aging, such as chronic illness. Not everyone may be able to avoid the physical health issues associated with aging, but good behavioral health can prevent or alleviate many of those.

Consider healthy eating habits, for example. Making it easy for assisted living residents to buy healthy ingredients or access healthy meals supports their overall health. The same is true for activities involving moderate exercises, such as regular walks or an afternoon of dancing.

Discussing emotional issues associated with the transition openly is another critical component of a rounded behavioral health care program. Our dedicated team will help you navigate your residents’ changes.

Senior living and behavioral health care concentrate on helping assisted living residents enjoy their retirement and continue to take advantage of everything life offers. From initial assessment to the final details of a tailored plan for your facility, we are here to help your residents and your facility thrive.

The TrueCare Behavioral Health platform offers a comprehensive, in-person, Medicare-accepted program—building an environment where residents can grow stronger emotionally and help build a healthier community.

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