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Why TrueCare24
We provide complete healthcare services in the employee’s workplace or homes to stop time being wasted on travel, time off work, sick leave and lowered productivity.
Supplemental benefits plan
* Medical care at home
House Call Doctors
On-demand medical visits to your home
  • Get health issues solved at home.
  • Get medical care within 2 hours, on average.
  • Pay medical professionals for the visit directly with HSA, insurance or out of pocket.
  • Best market rate guaranteed.
* Medical care at home
Anytime Telehealth
A doctor calls you on request, anytime within 15 minutes.
  • Get diagnosed, and treated or have a prescription sent to your pharmacy.
  • Get medication administration questions answered.
  • No consultation fee.
  • Call as many times as needed.
  • Phone or video calls.
* Medical care at home
Batteries and supplies
Get everything you might need for your hearing aid delivered to you.
  • 30 days supply of batteries.
  • Cleaning supplies for hearing aid.
  • Special discounts on hearing aid devices.
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DISCLAIMER: This plan is NOT insurance. * ANYTIME TELEHEALTH is not available to residents of FL, KS, UT, VT, or WA.
Supplemental benefit
Our plan addresses what is left uncovered and in the most cost-effective way for employers, employees, payers and providers.
Healthcare cost control
Simple concepts and systems for transparency, flexibility and convenience for the patients who need it most.
Worker's comp claims
Our study has also shown that these services could greatly impact the employers’ workers’ compensation claims.
Timely medical care
If we were able to address on the job injuries more quickly, we could identify where and how they occur for comparison with similar injuries brought to work from home.
Proactive approach to health
Having a doctor visit the workplace will demonstrate to your employees your concern for their wellbeing.
Hearing aid benefit
On the job injuries are often connected to hearing loss when someone is unable to hear warning or instruction properly. Our hearing health program is comprehensive and simple. Our customised kiosk stand in the workplace could prevent injury and grant employees access to better hearing health. This sort of injury claim is easily avoided and this can save a company millions on its bottom line.
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TrueCare24 ensures that the highest quality care delivered to your home, worksite, or hotel.
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