PRN Medical Staffing

PRN medical staffing is one of the most flexible staffing solutions for healthcare facilities facing staffing shortages. This type of staffing gives hospitals and other providers access to qualified medical professionals as and when they need them, often at a moment’s notice.

Why Hire a PRN Staffing Agency?

In the healthcare industry, it is not always possible to anticipate staffing needs. Natural catastrophes, large traffic accidents, holiday seasons, and events like the coronavirus pandemic can create demand for additional staff within hours.

Some facilities may be able to lean on their existing teams to increase staffing and answer increased demand, but this is not always possible. The healthcare industry has suffered from a labor shortage for some time. As a consequence, permanent staff has had to work overtime and accept additional shifts. This situation may limit their ability to deal with a sudden demand for more medical personnel.

PRN medical staffing agencies are perfectly placed to answer these sudden increases in demand. At TrueCare24, we have built a network of highly qualified medical professionals ready to answer the call when you need them. All candidates are highly qualified and experienced, allowing them to hit the ground running even in an unfamiliar environment.

Working on a PRN basis allows physicians, nurses, and other specialists to stay in control of their workload more easily than they could in a permanent position. Others use PRN placements to bridge the gap between permanent employment contracts.

As a client, you benefit from fast access to qualified personnel without delays and expenses caused by time-consuming recruitment processes.

PRN Staffing Agency

As a trusted PRN staffing agency, TrueCare24 bases its service delivery on a nationwide network of highly qualified and fully licensed medical professionals. We understand the importance of extensive experience for PRN nurses and physicians as they have to support the existing team with minimal or no time to get to know their place of work. That is why we ensure all candidates are vetted thoroughly before we match them with potential employers.

As a client, you benefit from having the peace of mind of knowing that you are hiring experts in your field. No matter when or where the need arises, TrueCare24 has the right medical professionals to meet your needs and support your patient care delivery.

Contact us today to start talking about your staffing needs and how we can help you prepare for the unexpected.